The Lock Enterprise Edition for Windows 7, XP, Vista, 10 (Desktop mode only)
Version 5.17.0201

Complete corporate solution providing access control, user monitoring and desktop security for computers running Windows

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Why should my company use The Lock Enterprise Edition?

These days, everybody should be security conscious. You should always run anti-virus software, use encryption on your personal information, and run a firewall to protect yourself from the rest of the Internet.

With these precautions in place, you could feel your system is secure, but is it? Not completely. You need to think about the computers users, those people who are behind the firewall, with physical access to your system. What you need is a "physical access" firewall to control access between your users and your computer...(of course, I just made that up, so I am pretty sure one does not exist...).

Using The Lock Enterprise Edition, you can control who has access , when they have access, what kind of access they have, and how they can use that access.

Why do I need The Lock Enterprise Edition? Because a firewall won't stop them when they are sitting at your keyboard.

Who is using The Lock Enterprise Edition?

While we cannot list specific customers (we do, after all, respect our users privacy), we can list the most popular areas of industry.

IT Consulting firms, Banking corporations, Aerospace/Engineering firms, Pharmaceutical companies, Educational institutions, Legal firms. Implementations range from providing security for clients, securing office computers, monitoring computer lab and library system usage, controlling access to testing lab computers, and monitoring employee system usage.