The Lock Enterprise Edition for Windows 7, XP, Vista, 10 (Desktop mode only)
Version 5.17.0201

Complete Windows access control and desktop security for systems running 32bit and 64bit versions of Windows XP or later


1) I am running The Lock 5.08.0116 and get a notification that an update is available, download it and install it, but it never gets applied?
A. There seems to be an issue with the automatic update from 5.08.0116. The Lock will need to update manually by downloading the updated version from it's download page and installing it. Click this link to go to The Lock's Download Now page. Select your desired download location and save the program. If the ZIP format installer is selected, please open the archive in any ZIP utility and execute SETUP.EXE. If the EXE format is selected, simply download the run the program to start the installation.

2) How do I change my Administrator password?
A. Log into The Lock as any Administrator user. Open The Lock Configuration Utility. Select and expand the "ADMINISTRATORS" group. Select the Master Administrator user name (ADMINISTRATOR), right click and select Change Password.

3) I am locked out of my system. I did not change the Master Administrator password.
A. When installed, The Lock created an Administrator group account under your Windows user name. Enter your Windows user name and your Windows password.

You may also enter the user name "ADMINISTRATOR" and the default password of "password" (without the quotes).

If you created an emergency key floppy disk, follow this procedure: at any logon prompt, type "keydisk" as the password (with out the quotes).
If you created an emergency key file and moved it to removable media, follow this procedure: at any logon prompt, type "keydisk<DRIVE>" as the password (with out the quotes, where <DRIVE> is the letter of the drive with the removable media). For example: If the emergency file is on a USB removable thumb drive that is recognized by the system as drive G:\, you would type �keydiskg� as the password (with out the quotes.)

4) How do I uninstall The Lock?.
A. Select Control Panel from the Settings option on the Start Menu. Then select Add/Remove Programs, click on The Lock and press Add/Remove.

5) How do I configure The Lock's basic system security?.
A. Open The Lock Configuration Utility, select the �System Configuration� Tab, select the �Click here for the Security Assistant� link. Follow the hints and tips for each selection shown on the page.

6) How do I configure basic Users and Groups, as well as Security in The Lock?.
A. Open The Lock Configuration Utility, select the �User Configuration� Tab, select the �Click here for the Security Assistant� link. Follow the instructions on the Security Assistant Tops page.

7) I have secured the boot drive as Read Only (C:\ is set to (RO) in the Configuration Utility). I have a few programs that are not operating correctly.
A. When you configure The Lock to security any file, folder, or drive, what ever security is applied is set for all programs the user can run. Some programs expect to have full read/write access to specific files and folders. When they do not have this access (because the resource is set to Read Only, or No Access), some of these programs will hang, some will crash, and others won't start at all.

Depending on the application (such as Virus Scanners, and firewalls), you will want to add them to the Process list on the File and Folder Security tab.

For other programs, such as Word and Excel, you will need to set a specific folder as full control, so that the program can write temporary files and such.

If you are not sure which files and folders a program needs to access, you can download a utility called File Monitor from and configure it to monitor file activity for the program you are configuring for access. As File Monitor is not a CrashCourse Software utility, we cannot provide any support on the product.

Here is the process used to test:

  1. Open The Lock configuration Utility
  2. Select the desired security group
  3. Select the File and Folder Security tab
  4. Next, you will Start File Monitor by running the FileMon executable
  5. Once started, it will prompt for some information. For Process Include(s): add the executable name of the program you are configuring for access. For Process Exclude(s): leave it blank. For Path Include(s): set it to �*� (without the quotes). For Path Exclude(s): leave it blank. Check the options for Reads and Writes. Leave History Depth at 0.
  6. Click OK
  7. Back in The Lock Configuration Utility, click the Test button. A dialog will appear stating that the testing has begun.
  8. Start the program that you added to the File Monitor.
  9. Run the program until it fails.
  10. Click the Capture button in File Monitor (it looks like a magnifying glass)
  11. Back in The Lock Configuration Utility, click the OK button to stop the test.
  12. The log output in File Monitor will show all file access the program tried to do, where it tried to do it, and the result. Look for any �ACCESS DENIED� messages in the Results column. These are most likely the path's that the program needs to have access to in order to function normally.

8) I cannot seem to enable Novell validation, or use Netware Group Synchronization.
A. Novell Validation and Netware Group Synchronization requires the Novell Netware Client 32 to be installed on the local system. Browse to to download the latest version of Client 32.

9) I cannot seem to use Active Directory Group Synchronization on my Windows 98 and Windows ME systems.
A. To use Active Directory Network Group Synchronization , you must install the Active Directory Client from the Windows 2000 Server installation CD.

10) The Lock does not validate from the Windows 98 password.
A. In order for The Lock to validate the user's Windows password from the local Windows system, the user must be logged into the current session of Windows and a network protocol, such as Microsoft Networking, must be installed and running. No actual network connection needs to be active.

11) Can I use my Lock for Windows 9x/ME license with The Lock.
A. No. The Lock is a different product than The Lock for Windows 9x/ME. You will need to purchase a license for The Lock in order to continue using it past it's 30 day evaluation period.

12) How do I register The Lock.
A. In order to register The Lock, you would first purchase a license by browsing to and purchasing a license. Next, open The Lock Configuration Utility, select Help, then Register. Enter your Registration name and Serial number in the specified edit boxes. Press OK, fill out the brief registration form, select OK to email this form to CrashCourse ( Note : No personal information will be shared with any other individual or company). Once the form is sent, the program will be registered.

13) I get an error "windows login software has been replaced with incompatible software (TLGINA.DLL)" when I try to connect remotely to my computer through Remote Desktop, Terminal Services, PC Expansion, etc.
A. The Lock integrates with the Windows Logon process as part of it's enhanced startup security. On systems where Remote Logons are to be allowed, this feature of The Lock must be disabled. To turn this option off, open The Lock Configuration Utility, select the System Configuration tab, and uncheck the option "Enable Windows Logon Integration". Exit The Lock Configuration Utility, and restart the system. The Remote Access software will now run as expected.

Un-checking this option will not reduce the level of security provided by The Lock.


Contacting Technical Support

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