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The Lock Personal Edition for Windows 10

Complete single user solution for Windows access control, including support for two factor authentication via Google Authenticator.

The Lock Personal Edition is a Windows desktop utility that is designed to be a supplement to standard Windows password authentication. The Lock Personal Edition provides a simple secured desktop lock, requiring a password to be entered before desktop access is granted. This lock can present a second layer of system security as it can be configured with a password other than your Windows password. When used in this configuration, access to the environment will require a user to enter their Windows password to access the computer, and their Lock password to access the desktop.

 The Lock may also be configured to accept a 6-digit PIN, generated from Google Authenticator, The Lock may be configured to require a combination of your Lock password + a PIN. This configuration will provide a two-factor authentication model requiring both your lock password (something you know) and the PIN generated on your phone (something you have).


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