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The Lock Home Edition for Windows 10

In addition to all the feature present in The Lock Personal Edition, the Home Edition adds multi-user solutions for Windows user monitoring and access control. 

The Lock Home Edition is a Windows desktop utility that is designed to be a supplement to standard Windows password authentication. The Lock Home Edition provides a simple secured desktop lock, requiring a password to be entered before desktop access is granted. This lock can present a second layer of system security as it can be configured with a password other than your Windows password. When used in this configuration, access to the environment will require a user to enter their Windows password to access the computer, and their Lock password to access the desktop.  The Lock Home Edition implements a multi-user security framework which allows an administrator to create user accounts with varying security features such as computer access times and limits, restricting application access, and user logging. 

The Lock home edition supports the Security Manager Services "cloud feature" which will allow the use of one computer on your home network to manage and monitor multiple computers connected to the same network.


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