CCS Development



my Global Clipboard App: Simple Text Copy and Paste between devices

The Lock Personal Edition: Simple user access control and two factor authentication for individual use

The Lock Home Edition: Simple user monitoring, security and access control for the home based multi-user environment


File Information. Version 8.02.1601
A free utility to display file information the explorer context menu. Now includes file version information.

AnyEdit text editor, version 8.02.1601 (Previously Notepad Launcher).
A context menu utility for launching Notepad, Wordpad or any custom editor

FCWin, version 8.02.1601
File Compare for Windows. A Windows utility for comparing two files as ASC II or Binary. (Works like FC for DOS.) Includes context menu support.

The C:\> Prompt, version 8.02.1601
A context menu option to drop to DOS on the current directory.

The Slicer, version 8.02.1601
A utility designed to split large files into smaller files. Includes context menu support.

Path Copy, version 8.02.1601
A context menu option to copy the current file or directory path to the clipboard.
Supports both long filenames or DOS 8.3.

Select All, version8.02.1601
A utility to add Select All to the Explorer context menu. Also adds an Invert Selection option to the context menu.

CCS Exit Widows Dialog
Version 6.09.1901 A utility that when run will open the Windows Shutdown Windows dialog.

X Exit Widows utilities. Version 5.03.0922
A simple set of three free utilities designed to log off, reboot or shutdown a Windows computer.