CCS Development

IT Consulting

We specialize in creating solutions to meet any IT needs from home networking to full commercial infrastructure design.

We can set up small home networks with WIFI routers connected to your internet service.  Users as well as IOT devices, such as personal assistants, connected appliances, and cameras can then be configured to connect to your WIFI.  When it comes time to expand, we can add signal extenders, routers, and switches.  With expansion, we can add NAS storage, printers and application servers. 

For commercial settings, we can apply the same technologies, but scaled up to meet even the most demanding enterprise needs.  We can design entire networks from the ground up, and will utilize proven top-tier hardware through the entire space, offering both ease of use and reliability.  Our infrastructure capabilities include file and print servers, as well as application, database and web servers.  Operating systems can be Linux or Windows based.

We have experience installing networks in home, small business, and enterprise environments.  We also maintain business applications in a cloud environment.

We have designed and implemented multiple Raspberry Pi projects including a fully automated N-Scale two train layout and a Hermit Crab habitat control unit to maintain humidity and temperature inside the aquarium.  Another Raspberry Pi project is designed to run a collection of WS2811 pixels in sequences for holiday, night club and mobile DJ applications.


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